Broker's Open & Open House

Broker's Open

Broker’s Open is very similar to an Open House. The difference is that the Broker’s Open is held on a week day during the middle of the day. It is also intended to be primarily for real estate agents instead of the general public.


The first week of the listing is the optimum time to have a Broker’s Open.  It gives agents easy access to your home without having to make prior arrangements/appointments with you. It also provides us with an opportunity to gain information/input from our peers on price, presentation, etc. What we typically find is that this information validates that all of the work we put in to the “staging” phase has made a significant impact on the salability of your home. Preparation is key, and if by some chance we missed something we can easily correct it at this point.

Open House

Open Houses are an important part of marketing. Most serious buyers in the market are looking online for Open Houses. We not only advertise our Saturday & Sunday opens, but also the Broker’s Opens for potential buyers to come by. When we post your Opens in the  Northwest Multiple Listing Service it is automatically sent out to various other company websites in addition to their own.