Professional Photos

It is essential in this day and age to have professional pictures of your home. With the advent of the internet Buyers (as well as agents) literally sit at their computers and view homes online. They determine which homes they will actually see based in large part on what they see on the internet. We always have professional pictures taken for all of my listings. We understand that the pictures may be either what gets your home on the “must see” list, or in the trash can.


It is not enough to just get the pictures; it is also important that you get them online the minute you input a new listing. I have literally worked with buyers that wouldn’t even consider going out to look at a property unless they were first able to view the pictures online.


Following are samples of my online photos and also some examples by others with poor quality pictures. Hopefully it will give you a good idea as to the importance of great pictures!


P Picture 1
P Picture 2
P Picture 3