Your home will be placed on a number of websites on the internet. Almost every Buyer is using the internet for their home search. Whether they are working with an agent or not they are spending their spare time diligently searching for their dream home. More often than not that search is via the internet.


In addition to the well known site as well as my personal site, your home will also be viewable on a number of the sites on the following two pages. It is imperative in this day and age that the agent you hire have a good understanding of the power of the internet, basics on how it works, and are actively using email to respond to any inquires with regards to your home.


We are constantly learning with regards to technology. We have worked with a number of Buyers and Sellers, which were acquired through the internet both locally, as well as nationally. We understand how important immediate response is to the internet shopper. These are people that are used to acquiring information “now” rather than “later”. The sale of real estate is changing rapidly. Most real estate professionals do not personally understand how all this technology works, and many do not have any interest. You are not expected to know about these new developments, but the real estate professional you hire should.