Selecting a Realtor

What is a Real Estate Buyer’s Representative?


As stated in “The Law Of Real Estate Agency”

A licensee who has entered into an agency relationship with only the buyer in a real estate transaction, and includes sub-agents engaged by a buyer’s agent.


»  Why use one?

– A Buyer’s Representative has the training and expertise to help you navigate through one of the most expensive, high-risk, and complex transactions of your life.

– Locating properties

– Providing market information

– Giving options and opinions based on experience.

– Structuring your Purchase and Sales Agreement

– Negotiating with Sellers

– Handling all the details


»  Selecting a Realtor to work with you.

– Select someone who is dedicated to real estate.

– Work with someone who is professional and has some experience.

– Know what your expectations are with regards to customer service and

discuss those things with the person you are considering working with.

– Choose someone who can provide you with recommendation letters,

phone numbers and/or email addresses of previous clients.

– You can find a Realtor through Open Houses, referrals from

friends/family/co-workers, classes, walking into a real estate office, etc.


»  The cost to the Buyer.

– The commissions are typically paid by the Seller. There may be certain circumstances where the Buyer will pay the commission at closing.


The bottom line:  Find a Realtor with whom you feel confident in their ability to represent you in a professional manner. Someone who will make purchasing your home a wonderful experience.