The perception a Buyer has when they walk through your home is one of the most critical aspects of selling. Unfortunately, it is also a component that is often minimized, and even overlooked by many Sellers and their Realtors. Our goal is to give you direction on how you can maximize your ability to get top dollar in the sale of your home.  Every detail is attended to prior to listing so that when Buyers walk through your home it will outshine the other competing properties.


We do this prior to the listing for two reasons. The first is that Buyers are very picky. They want everything as close to move in ready as possible. We cannot overemphasize how critical it is to eliminate everything that could possibly hinder a Buyer from being able to picture making your house their home.


The majority of your exposure will occur in the first two weeks after listing your home. With this in mind it is imperative that you put your best foot forward right out of the gate so that you do not lose out on the energy and momentum in those first few weeks. The second reason that we take care of all the details in advance is that the majority of Buyers in the market do not have any vision. The only thing that they can see is what is in front of them.


Sometimes the adjustments are as simple as rearranging the furniture, or maybe just eliminating a few things to give the illusion of more space.  We will walk through your home with you room by room, and give you some suggestions on what you and/or we can do to make each room shine.  We have personally invested in some staging materials and items as well, and will add the “fluff” if that is what is required.  If your home is vacant we will have it professionally staged at my expense. This is a service that I provide because we believe so strongly that it will get you a higher price for your home. We always take an active role in helping you to put your home in the best light.