Postcards & Flyers


Postcards will be sent out to your surrounding area immediately upon gaining the listing of your home. We try our best to coordinate this with the announcement of your first “Open House”. This has proven to be very effective in bringing in a variety of Buyers that would otherwise not be aware of your home. Neighbors will let their friends and family know about the “Open House”.

Sometimes a neighbor will be interested in your home as a means to downsize, up-size or even purchase as an investment. Coordinating the “Just Listed” with the “Open House” allows the potential Buyer to view your home in a non-threatening, easy manner.


Professional flyers will be provided for your home. More often than not a flyer box will also be attached to the Windermere signage in front of your home. This provides information about your home to people walking or driving by. It also gives your neighbors an opportunity to pass the information along to their family and friends that may be looking for a home in your area.

Every component of the sale of your home is important.  A poorly prepared flyer shows a lack of regard and effort on the part of the Listing Agent. In the end that can impact your bottom line. You will always have flyers available for potential buyers.